chicks vaccinated for coccidiosis now have bloody loose stools

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I have a variety of specialty layers that are 4 weeks old. Some of them have had runny stools since they arrived. Today I saw one poop and the stool was dark brown with pinkish blood in it. Since they were vaccinated for coccidiosis and Marek's at the hatchery I am not using medicated crumble. Should I do a "wait and see" or should I treat with corid? And then do I need to buy medicated food too. All the chicks seem healthy. I have been putting them on the backyard grass when the days are warm enough while I change their shavings, food and water. I have had older chickens for a couple years but never chicks. Please help, it's the weekend and the hatchery is closed also my vet.
Not familiar with the cocci vaccine, but there are like 12 different strains of cocci. Chances are the vaccine only covers one ot a few of them. I would treat with corid.
The coccidia vaccine covers usually the 3-5 worst strains, depending on the manufacturer. Since vaccines aren't always 100% effective or successful, I might get some Corid (amprollium) at your feed store (cattle aisle) and watch for further symptoms of lethargy, puffing up or hunching over, diarrhea, poor appetite, or more pink or red droppings. Then I would start treatment. Corid is not harmful if you go ahead and decide to treat. Dosage is 2 tsp of the liquid Corid, or 1.5 tsp of the powder, per gallon of water for 5-7 days changing water daily.

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