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    Mar 10, 2013
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    I will be losing half of my first flock tomorrow (due to the fact they are roosters), and will only be left with 3 hens. They are a silkie, frizzle, and an unknown that I took in; all about 6 months and just began laying. I also have 6 silkies that are 2 months in a separate area. I've read threads that say to wait until they are similar in size before integrating them, but was just curious if my others hen were possibly young enough and in small enough number to go ahead and mix now? I've read frizzles and silkies are very docile, mine happen to be very friendly also. The coop is 8x4 with an attached run of 8x4, and my older hens free range during the day. Thanks for your help!
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    Hi, if you want to integrate then do so gradually. I have just intergrated chicks and adults, and what I did was separate them via chicken wire for a couple of days. This way, they can see each other and recognise each other. Then, on neutral territory if possible and in a big space like your garden, let them mix. Keep an eye on them, and if they fight you can chuck a treat out for them like mealworms, then they will be engrossed with the treats and forget fighting. Hope that helps!

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