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    Sep 25, 2010
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    Hi my silkie eggs that were fertile havent hatched yet. I had the humidity at 45 % the whole hatch period, and im using the Sportsmen 1502. For lockdown i had it at 70%. I dont know what im doing wrong. Should the humidity be lower for the eggs or what. Tell me what my humidty should be for the first 18 days and for lockdown time. Thanks
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    I have incubated eggs at 16% and hatched them at 16% and not lost one and I have incubated at 16% and hatched at 40% and done fine I have incubated at 40% and hatched at 40% and done fine. I have raised chickens out in the nevada and arizona desert when at the time the highest the humidity got was 11% and had chicks do great. try to find what works best for you
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    were they shipped? that makes a big difference! if you're in for a big read....but VERY the thread entitiled "Humidity in bator"
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