Chiloe Wigeon


10 Years
Jul 12, 2009
They are supposed to keep their plumage year round, and they are from the southern hemisphere, but do they go through a molt like others? And is it during the same time as the rest do? Just curious, mine haven't molted or anything, but I wanna kow a bit more about the plumage aspect of these birds... I'm pretty sure their feathers are the best jan-mar as most of our north american waterfowl are, am I wrong?
Love Chiloe wigeons! Well, they do molt, but the male does not have a distinctive eclipse plumage. Unlike other wigeons, the males and females look alike. The females are just a bit duller though with less iridescent feathering on the head. I forget when they molt, and how often. I'll have to look it up!

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