Chip What breed is this?


9 Years
Jun 27, 2012
Granbury, Tx
I tried this once before and got the answer brown leghorn. I have a brown leghorn and this guy is nothing like him. Stockier build, thicker (WAY) legs, wider stance. I keep calling it a he because it just seems like a boy. Even though it's comb isn't as developed as one of the other chicks from the same group of miscellaneous chicks. I've been feeding them purina chick starter. Nothing special.

04-16-2013Weighs 18 oz On the 5th of this month he weighed 9 ozs. Just no picture with it.

03-29-2013 Weighed 4 oz

03-22-2013 Weighed 2.5 oz

03-22-2013 Weighed 2.5 oz

This picture was taken 03-21-2013 Weighed 2.5 oz in this picture
Are red sex link really thick birds? I'm pretty sure they are built like the production reds. I had those just recently and he is much thicker in body and legs. That's the problem. I swear he looks like a colorful cornish x. In less than a month he has gone from 2 oz to over a pound. I have Easter Egger's, they are a month older than him and he is already their size. I had production reds and he outweighs them at this age. As far as red sex link, he isn't red colored. He is a golden color. No trace of red that I can see.

I don't know about Welsummer's, I will have to look up more on them to see if he fits their standards.
He's not a welsummer, they're colored same as a brown leghorn. Where did you get him and what did you order (if mail order?)
I'm not familiar with red broilers personally but I totally see what you're saying about the size and thick legs. Could that be an option?
Out of a bin marked assorted. No one really knew, the feed store guy guessed easter egger but I am fairly certain that isn't so. Lol. I'll look up red broiler. I didn't know they came in colors other than white.
Easter Eggers can look like anything, since they are a mix breed between an Ameracauna and whatever else is around. From the pics he looks to have the trademark beard, but that could just be different in person.

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