Chipped beak


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Apr 3, 2011
southern Ohio
Does she have a crossbeak? Her beak should heal one day, but it will feel very sore for some time. I would offer some very wet chicken feed in a deep bowl to make it easier to get enough to eat and drink. @azygous wrote a good post recently about a chicken with an injured beak. I will try to find it.


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Dec 11, 2009
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She's adorable. She's a good candidate for the tea bag beak fix. Empty out a tea bag and toss the tea. Get some gel super glue and cut a patch out of the tea bag rice paper to fit the missing beak part, then super glue it to the beak. It will protect and reduce the pain from exposure to the air. You can also give her a 81 grain chewable aspirin twice a day for pain.

With the cross beak, she's probably already getting a wet mash, but if not, that will be easier for her to eat with both of her beak issues.

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