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  1. lishah2000

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    I'm looking for opinions on pet birds.

    I recently lost my cockatiel. He was almost 25 years old. It's so quiet in the house. Never realized how much noise he made during the day.

    I grew up with parakeets and have had two cockatiels. Like them both. I did prefer the female cockatiel over the male, but they were both good birds.

    I looked at Orange Chin Parakeets, Pacific Parrotlets and Quakers. It seemed that the Quakers might be louder than I would like, but they seemed to be nice birds. The other two were both really nice. I seemed to be drawn to the Parrotlets more even though they are small.

    Would like a bird that I can handle and teach things to, but that doesn't need constant attention. The noise level of the male cockatiel was fine. He did learn to scream like a neighbors parrot and that was annoying, but he did it less and less once away from the other bird. Talking ability is nice, but not high on my list.

    Any suggestions are very welcome.
  2. Angiebubs

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    Aug 19, 2011
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    Many years ago, I had a business raising exotic birds. And honestly, you can't beat a cockatiel for personality! I recommend the males as well, for color and personality. Conures also make good pets as long as they are handled frequently-but then can get somewhat nippy when they reach maturity (all depends on the individual bird). Honestly, of all the birds I had (100+) the cockatiels made the best pets.
  3. packmomma

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    A friend of mine has a Quaker and he says he gets quite loud. I would say a Conure also. They are still smaller, not too noisy, can be handled and loved on but don't require constant attention. They can be loud but I wouldn't say louder than a cockatiel could be. I have a green cheek. He has such a huge personality. They are easily trainable. I would say if you love cockatiels then get another one..personally I don't care for them so a Conure would be my next choice. Unless you want a much bigger bird..the I have to say a Male Eclectus all the way. I miss mine terribly but was the best bird ever!
  4. Animalian

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    Jun 18, 2011
    I remember reading very good things about the pionus species when I was thinking about getting another bird.
  5. silkiechicken

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    If you liked your cockatiels... I would get another pair. I love my one little boy (who is actually a girl, lol).

    She can't talk, but calls back to her name, wolf whistles, does tricks like going through a hoop, come on command, poop on command if there is one on the way, and can even fetch balls/sticks tossed for her. Being an only tiel though, she is NEEDY so that's why I said pair. LOL
  6. lishah2000

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    I'm not ruling out cockatiels, but don't know if I'm ready for another one yet. We sell them where I work, so if a special one (or special needs one) comes in I might get one. They are great birds and I do like the common parakeets too.

    Just was thinking about maybe something different. I love the intelligence of the bigger birds, but wouldn't be able to provide enough attention and wouldn't like the very loud birds. I sometimes take care of a macaw and that bird is crazy smart. But boy is he loud. Fun to spend time with, but not right for me.

    Funny that most seem to recommend male cockatiels and I always fall for the females. Probably just individual personalities.

    Love the suggestions and will look at the conure and pionus too.
  7. AquaEyes

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    Lineolated parakeets. They're native to South America, are about budgie-sized, come in a few different colors (but not nearly as many as cockatiels or budgies), are relatively quiet...but unfortunately, not tremendously common. In other words, you probably won't find them in pet stores...but there are breeders out there. Check them out on the web.

    And if you want something completely different, check out mousebirds.

  8. lishah2000

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    I'm pretty sure the store had Lineolated parakeets. Didn't ask about them, but thought they were pretty.

    Those mousebirds are interesting looking.
  9. Animalian

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    Jun 18, 2011
    Quote:That because normally girls are cuddlier but have more spunk than the boys do!

    But the boys like to play, are more clingy and sing more.
  10. AquaEyes

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    Quote:Oh, I didn't notice you're in Florida -- you're lucky in that your state is a bird bonanza. You could probably find almost any bird bred in captivity in a Florida pet store.


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