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Ok, Im in FFA at my school and got First Grabs at raising Chickies for The Youth Fair! I'm so exited, Im already raising A meat roo (Not gonna eat him. . . ) His name is Buster (After Daddy Chester at school) I'm deciding the other three birds im going to raise! I like this combo so far

Mille Fleur

Or. . .


Please help choose!
Hmm...well, things change in which case.

Because we're talking about a small fair, I guess hatchery birds would do. Bear in mind that 'Araucanas' are really Easter Eggers when they come from hatcheries. And Easter Eggers are all mixes, which you should try to stay away from when you're showing. Hatchery Cochins lack alot of valued qualities that are found on highly bred Cochins. I think Polish might be safe but I'd stick with plain colors (white, blue, black, maybe splash), because hatchery breeding can prove sloppy with fancy varieties (in the case of Polish, laced). I'd stay away from any hatchery Silkies but that's just me. I prefer the poofy breeder kind.

Honestly, if this is just a small fair, I don't think you'll be very penalized (sp?) for having any of them. It's all personal preferance. I'm sorry for the negativity, I just want to point out.
The more you know about the birds you plan to get, the better you'll do when showing time comes.
As a breeder of polish, I will say they are high matinence & I would not recomend them for a beginer.

I would say do more research on all breeds, & wchoose which one really catches your interest.

try looking in for more poultry breed info.

Good Luck

Have you considered speckled sussex ?

Their colors are very attractive, & they are dual purpose breed / eggs & meat.
your best of getting from a breeder look in the breeders and hatcheris section for some
trust me they will do better!
good luck!
I know, I was jut tired, Im at school right now and cant think straight X_X . I might now consider 4 to 5 chickens now because only 3 people (Including myself) have voulenteered so far
The main birds I shall choose right now are Silkies, Cochins, and D'uccles
and maybe another bird I know alot about
And I will be thinking about Japanese Bantams

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