Christmas 2020


Chick hatching addict.
8 Years
Mar 21, 2016
Someplace near Phoenix, Arizona
Some people will be spending Christmas time with family tonight and/or tomorrow, but there may be some member's here who have no family to spend that time with. It can be a lonely time for them, so I decided to start this thread where they can stop by and talk to other's who might be around to chat with them too.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday's, or any other way that you wish to say it!
Thank you @BlueBaby and I hope you have a wonderful day too! Since you don't get any of the cold white stuff, I'm sending you this guy ☃

You caught me just as I was getting ready to walk next door to take care of and check on those animal's over there, as I have been animal sitting for them again. My flock, including those 10 chick's are all ok out there today. I even wished them a Merry Christmas, and told them I want egg's for my Christmas present today. :gig

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