Christmas Flock Portraits (2019 edt.)


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Apr 24, 2015
So last year around Christmas, it rained and rained here and I was never able to take the "portraits" of my flock the way I had hoped. You see, I had painted a themed background in a cardboard box. So much later after the season was long gone, I took these photos of our ducks and little hen. While our female duck is no longer with us, we miss her terribly and were so happy to have these photos to look back on.

I have yet to come up with 2020 portrait backdrop, but Wally will be included this year!

Ducks: Tater (male) and Tot (female)
Chicken: Chicken Hawk (female)

IMG_4943.jpg IMG_4959.jpg IMG_4987.jpg IMG_5030.jpg IMG_5069.jpg IMG_5070.jpg IMG_5081.jpg IMG_5185.png IMG_5153.jpg
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