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Jun 7, 2015
My girls are about 6 months old ( 3 orpingtons and a Sussex) every morning for the past few weeks they go clucking crazy!! The first few days I would run out and check on them hoping for an egg, and making sure the neighbors Chihuahua has no gotten into the run and been killed by my chickens. The thing is like half the size of my Sussex and she dose not mess around. Any way we fortified the run for the safety of the dog. No eggs and no Chihuahua just a whole lot of clucking noise. I'm afraid the neighbors will complain it's so loud. If they do my flock is dun for. We have a don't ask don't tell policy with her town. No ordencess for or against my chickens. But I feel the law will not fall in our favor if it comes up. Even though the dame Chihuahua is louder then any of my girls( the reason I suspect she has not said anything yet) they clucking and the barking dog do not happen at the same time ever.

I don't mind it myself I just want to know if they are stressed about something. That may be keeping them from laying.

They may just be getting ready to lay??? My Chocolate Orpington did this right before she started laying. Around 11am each day for about 4 days. Then she layed her first egg and didn't make a peep! Hilariously backwards! LOL She has days where she sings her "I layed an egg" song and other days she just hops quietly down from the nest box having only made a grunting sound while the egg was coming out. Go figure!

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