Chukar hatchin eggs

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  1. I have many chukar hatchin eggs.
    They have been sterlized and refrigerated for 2 weeks.
    I got great hatches from these same eggs last week, about 90%.

    They are direct from my local Gamebird Breeder, who has been in biz for 32 years.

    The eggs are $1 each, or $10 for a dozen.


    Note- with chukars, you get better hatches when the eggs are at least 2 weeks old and continuing into the 3rd week.
    So you got about a week to decide and order.

    Id prefer to sell locally in or around Sac, Ca.
    Ill ship if you really want, you pay charges.
  2. . . . later that day

    I have sold what I wanted to sell, incubating the rest!

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