Clarification on Ee, Americauna and Araucana please.

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    Feb 26, 2017
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    Hello everyone,

    After doing what ibthought was very good research and learning a ton on different breeds i tjought i had a pretty good basic understanding of breeds in general. It was my understanding that Americauna and Araucana are two distinct different breeds and that Easter Eggers were yet another breed altogether. Today i purchased chicks at a feed store that were listed as Americauna/Aracauna but the description on the wbsite of the hatchery these babies came from read as follows

    Araucanas/Ameraucanas (pullets/females)
    Originally from Chile, in South America, they are called the Easter egg fowl. They lay colored eggs: blue, green, pink, and olive drab. These birds vary in size and color, some may have whiskers and others muffs of feathers that cover their ears. Their eggs are reported to have more nutritional value than ordinary eggs.

    now is my knowledge wrong? Did i miss something in my learning? Are these babies Americana, Auracauna, Easter egger, or all three?




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