Clean up time in the bator


10 Years
Sep 6, 2009
Ridgefield, WA
Last summer I hatched about a dozen eggs in the IncuCube Incubator and there was not much of a mess to clean up so I did not give it much thought this time around with the Brinsea ECO 20. My mistake, this hatch did not look messy but when I took out the tray there was all this icky stuff in the bottom. Hats off to Brinsea on this design. I filled my sink with hot soapy water and in went the bottom and the tray. Let them sit for a bit and then simply washed it out and gave it a good rinse. Towel dry and ready to heat up for the next set. I have heard some folks saying how they put it in the dishwasher... I believe them now


9 Years
Feb 4, 2010
Glasgow, Scotland
Wow. I know Brinsea says how easy they are to clean but it's really nice to hear it's actually true! I have an Avitec bator that is really quite good apart from being very difficult to clean out properly, as it doesn't dismantle at all. I'd love a Brinsea or an RCom...
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