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    The coops look nice but they also look pretty expensive to build. I know the cost of windows alone is high. One thing that would worry me is the lack of sample pages from the plans on the website. You really have no idea how good or easy to follow the plans are. Compare this to the Garden Coop website. You can see sample pages from their plan and loads of pics and info from others who have built the Garden Coop.

    For comparison:
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    I just bought the bella plan, and it seems simple enough to build. I dont get some of the lingo used, but im not a builder, my mother who has done some light carpentry in the past got what they were talking about, and we just plain like the look of it compared to other places designs, so to us, the extra building costs are worth it because we want something that looks nice, and adds value to the property and not just some blah, or ugly thing that will need constant fixing and repair.

    We're also saving because we're going to be using left over shingles from when we redid the roof and paint from when we repainted the house.

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