cleaned pasty bums, now vents seem red and swollen???

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Sep 2, 2008
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Hi guys, I got a new batch of chicks on Saturday (21 barred rocks and 4 ameraucanas). This morning I pulled out the 6 or 8 with poopy bums, and used warm water and a soft rag to soften up and pull off the poop. But when I stuck them back in, their vents seemed really noticeable. I can't tell if they just seem to stick out because the feathers are damp/gone, or if they are pink and swollen as they appear. Is this normal? On the one hand, I think: well, yeah, I just rubbed their bums and pulled out some feathers. On the other hand, I'm fearful I did something wrong. Help!
They will be fine as long as you keep their bums cleaned up. You will want to check your brooder temps and be sure to use tepid water (not cold) to help with this. Oatmeal is sometimes helpful as well if all else is ok.

I agree with opa, they will be fine. I think your just seeing more, because the fuzzy little feathers are wet and exposing the vent.
Thanks opa--I know I sound neurotic. This is only my second batch of chicks. I raised the first 24 without problems, but had something kill two, then 12--in separate incidents. Yesterday I discovered the neighbor's lab (who I had SWORN was too big to fit through the chicken door) in the coop eating my birds. It was a pretty gruesome, rattling sight, and I think I'm just anxious not to screw anything up with these new guys, or to cause any of them unnecessary pain again (after what I saw and heard yesterday).
Uh. I had one chick that had a poopy butt the other day. I hate cleaning it. I feel like im hurting them. But just remember, I would check everyday to make sure that they dont have pasty butts, I didnt notice that one of mine had it this spring, and I lost him.
I have 3 white silkies who seem very healthy and happy, Then I have this gray splash colored one who is always peeping. And he has a poopy butt all the time. Today I brought it in the house and held his butt under the warm water of my tub's faucet. He was so good ( and quiet too). I dried him off and put him back with the others in the sun. Will they eat dry oatmeal, or does it have to be cooked? I made them cooked once and they just walked in it. Good for scaley feet! Please , someone answer asap. Splash is my favorite silkie!
We had one do the same thing and a friend of mine said to clean it good and put some Preparation H on it with a cotton swab. Since I didnt have Prep H she said hydrocortisone cream would work just as well... and.... it did! The next day the lil thing was back to normal!
Well, I cleaned them all and everyone seems fine today. But now I've noticed one or two others who seems to be a bit poopy too. I don't get why--they don't seem to have diarrhea. Their poop seems normal, but sometimes on some of them, it seems to get stuck in their fuzz, and then once one poop sticks, it seems to create a domino effect. Any ideas why it's happening, or how to prevent?

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