clipping chicken wings?


7 Years
Aug 11, 2012
NW Ohio
We have a 4 foot three rail fence in our backyard. I'm going to let the chickens free range back there starting next week. I need to keep them in there because we have neighbors. I got a few questions?

1. If we clip one wing they shouldn't be able to fly over the fence correct?
2. Will they still be able to get to there first roosting bar that is about 2 foot high?
3. Will the wings grow back in time for next years fair for 4H?

Clipping one wing may or may not work. Some chickens aren't just good flyers, but they are also good jumpers. A friend of mine has a maybe 3 1/2 foot tall fence, and one of her chickens could still get over it with one wing clipped.

I think that they will be able to fly two feet fine. Chickens have pretty strong legs, and are able to jump a good ways, even without two full wings.

The feathers will not grow back if the bird does not molt. Chickens usually molt in the fall, so if you do it now, they might lose the clipped feathers in the winter and grow back whole ones.

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