Clipping cochin feathers for breeding


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Feb 27, 2009
south georgia
Hope this is the right place to post this. Need to clip butt feathers of LF Cochins again for breeding purposes. Has anyone ever used electric hair clippers for this? Sure would speed up the process.
Thought I had done everything until I could claim I had shaved a chicken's butt!
Have about 20 birds and was looking for a shortcut. Oh well may as well plan on a long day since toenails have to be cut too.
I have used shavers on heavily feathered hens/roos (Silkies) Cover their face and hold them tight. It's a little scary for them but they will be fine they may steer clear of you for a few days but that's it...LOL
Cutting vent feathers will leave sharp edges which might poke the birds and discourage mating . Experienced breeders told me to Pluck the excess feathers around the vent on both sexes.
Oh my! This is my first year breeding Cochins. Is this recommended on all Cochins, or just if you have infertile eggs? I'm getting ready to put some eggs in the incubator.

PLucked feathers begin to grow back immediately. Scissored feathers don`t grow back until they moult. If you do a decent job with scissors, there will be no problems. If the clippers work OK, check for stubble.........Pop
When clipping it is key to remember that the feather fluff directly under the main tail of the hens down to the vent must be trimmed to about 1/2 inch and the male needs trimmed the same way but from the vent down to the hocks to keep his fluff out of the way. I also trim the fluff from under the males tail as well since I'm already there. I have large cochins hatching like popcorn right now. I do not recommend plucking as this can cause the bird to bleed which could cause problems with the other birds picking and eventually killing the injured bird, plus it hurts like the dickens!!!!


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