Clipping Peacock wings, one or both


Aug 20, 2019
I’ve recently inherited a matting pair of peacocks. Their enclosure is shared with two geese. This enclosure is surrounded by a larger enclosure for three dogs. I currently have the peacocks in a smaller closure with in the disclosure to introduce them to their new home. I know they can fly over my 5 foot fence into the dog area which will not be good for them. I need to clip their wings in order to keep them from going over the 5 foot fence which will ultimately be there death. My question should I Clip one wing or both. I’ve heard the argument of one wing only because they won’t be able to get any left and be off-balance. I’ve been told that if both wings are clipped they can still get enough left to get over a 5 foot fence. Is this true? What are others experience.


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