clogged tear duct

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    Mar 11, 2013
    I have a White Plymouth Rock (I think thats what she is) who has always had a weepy eye, ever since the brooder. I panicked at first thinking there was a respiratory infection, put everyone on antibiotics, but nothing helped. We cleaned it regularly and it seemed to get better.

    But now she is 23 weeks old and she still has alot of weeping from that eye. I asked my vet about it when I brought my dogs in and she told me that she most likely has a clogged tear duct.

    She acts fine otherwise. (other than the fact that she isnt the brightest hen in the coop! haha!)

    I have some Opthamolic solution and I have been cleaning it and applying the solution to her eye, but it still weeps.

    Any other ideas?

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