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    recently there have been a couple of threads that have been "Closed for review and cleanup". I understand that sometimes people get a bit carried away and can be bothersome to other posters, and it can even get quite ugly.

    However, it seems that it is restricted to just a few posters. Closing a thread affects all the "polite" posters as well as the impolite ones. Would it not be possible to "banish" those naughty members for a time-out; cool his/her heels a bit, rather than close a whole thread? Then the thread would still be available to all those other who have behaved well.

    I am a member of some art groups, and opinions can be very divided, and flaming is sometimes rampant. The moderators there use the banishment approach to very good effect. Those members (usually!) come back with a much better attitude, after being banished for a short (depending on if it was a first offense) time. If a person is a habitual offender, ban them entirely.

    Just a thought.

  2. DuckLady

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    We close threads for review when we as volunteers have not the time at the moment or even that day or so to get to the clean up and re-opening. We have lives and families and usually more urgent issues here to deal with.

    Please understand that we get hundreds of reports a day sometimes and we have to prioritize. We will eventually get to the thread that is closed, but it might take a while.

    The worst of them is when something goes on for days and it is not reported. It takes time to go through pages and pages of a thread to see where the issue started. When you see a problem use the report button. Not using the report button(or using the report button) and participating in the problem is just about as bad as starting it in the first place.

    As far as a system to warn people of inappropriate behavior we have a system in place.
  3. Nifty-Chicken

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    I wanted to emphasize this point: We close threads to "stop the bleeding". As a group, the BYC staff often discuss a thread before taking action. We do this to help ensure that our moderation is as fair and consistent as possible. Sometimes the discussion can take hours or more while we review the history of members, context, etc.

    Sometimes a thread is moving so quickly, especially when things get heated, that a thread that would have been a 1 hour review / edit for a moderator can turn into a 4 hour project.

    In the past we've simply deleted these threads, because the cons of spending hours editing them outweigh the pros of cleaning them up. We feel that temporarily closing a thread for review is a better option than removing it entirely.

    On a side note: We want to remind members not to quote posts they find offensive. This only causes more work for our moderators. Simply report the offending post and be patient as our moderators review the situation.

    We have the world's best forum moderators here. They have a lot of experience and they love this community. Please be patient as they work to keep things running smoothly.
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