cloudy eyes and wheezing


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Feb 12, 2009
Hi all,
I'm looking for opinions on what this may be. My neighbor a couple houses up has two birds in his flock with cloudy eyes, wheezing, and occasionally tilting their heads backwards toward their back. They are about 9-10 weeks old.

I'm a little concerned because these birds are only maybe 500 feet or so from my flock and I know some of the viral diseases can travel several hundred feet via wind not too mention I was at the house today unknowingly at the time about a problem.

One thing I also need to mention which may have some or all effect on causing this was a damp coop with a fairly decent ammonia odor. He took my old coop that was damaged by one of my bear issues and it leaks when we get heavy rain and we just had heavy rain this past week. I was thinking it may be some type of fungal type infection from the damp conditions.

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Very well could be from the wet conditions, causing a fungal respiratory infection. Could also be from the high amnonia level. Mareks will cause cloudy eyes, and so will IB. Lots of possibilities. The only thing you can do is practice GOOD biosecurity!! Try fogging your coop with Oxine as well.

Best wishes!
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absolutely could be from the wet conditions and fungal spores..and the ammonia.
they might have Aspergilliosis...NOT a good thing.

what does he feed them?
is the feed getting wet?
what bedding is he using?
describe the droppings. color and consistency.

the coop must be cleaned, and dried..and repaired..
a tarp would be a quick temporary fix AFTER throughly cleaned, disinfected, and aired.

and Oxine might help..

also at the place suggested by shagbarks..

Poly-vi-sol with no iron, and Vitamin E might help the neurologic symptoms....
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Not sure what they are being fed, I know part of the diet is from free ranging and I know his feeder has a lid and is inside the coop so that should be dry. The water seems to seep in after heavy rain through a broken vent on the side. It was one of many things damaged by the bear which is why I got rid of it. Deep litter method with pine shavings are used. Any ideas for dying out a coop quick?

Thanks both for the posts.
remove the bedding and use a fan with all doors/windows open..
keep open to the sun..
aspergilliosis will kill the birds.
and Oxine is the only treatment I know of that might help.
and the vitamins..

but this won't disinfect molds completely..
maybe use a bleach solution..

I meant feed in feeders getting wet and going moldy..

keep birds out.

if you can..check out the feed in bin too...
and water..

they might need antibiotic (just in case)..but the wheezing could be from the conditions..
try and see if he will get some antibiotic..Tylan 50, erythromycin, doxycycline..or oxytetracycline at the least.

all available at the same link...and at farm/feed supply stores such as the LIVESTOCK section.
I gave him a call and had him check, no mold in the feed bins. I had also let him know about oxine and antibiotics. As far as trying to dry it, well I think that will b easier said then done. No electricity where the coop is and its been cloudy and occasionally raining.

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