Clueles city girl with Rhode Island Reds 4 quick questions


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May 16, 2012
I currently have 5 Rhode Island Red chicks that are 9 weeks old. My husband who grew up here in NC and I myself have no clue what to do with these beautiful birds . I feel that we have 5 roosters and 0 hens. I have a few questions we have moved them several weeks ago out to their luxury coop built from recycled pallets.
1. we have a 100 watt bulb that I leave on nightly because I have worried about them being warm at night so it stays on 24/7
2. I have no idea how to sex these birds I have 3 that I know are feathering up and acting like they want to fight.
3. Do they have to have grit to eat
4. we did not place sand down under their run we just let them eat the grass and they are digging their own dusting holes should we put sand down .

If they have their feathers they should be fine without a heatlamp, unless it's going to drop below freezing.

The pullets will sometimes fight, so that's not a very good way to tell. If you can post pics someone on here could probably help you out.

If they're outside the will eat dirt and rocks, so you won't need to give them grit.

I have never kept my birds on sand, they always run in the grass and dig their own dust holes and a have very few problems with any of my birds.

Hopes this helps,
Since I am a new egg right now they will not let me upload any other pics other than the avatar I have posted. thanks for the response
I usually wait to tell the sex of the chicks until the roosters have their long curled over tail feathers. It's unlikely that you have all roosters though.
If they are outside they will be fine without the heat lamp.
They do not need grit outside. They do not need sand, fighting isn't a way to tell the sex of a chicken. They have a pecking order, they literally peck each other to show who is dominate over the other.

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