Clump of grass with dirt in it.


8 Years
Nov 3, 2011
I have some 4 week old chicks. Would it be okay to go out in the backyard and get a clump of grass for them or is it too soon? Also would they need some grit to help digest it better? With dirt or without the dirt in the clump of grass?
I wanted to put something in their room they could eat but get entertainment out of it by scratching it and pecking at it too so I thought a clump of grass would do it.

I have given them a variety of mixed nuts meshed up finely so the grit wasnt needed but wasnt sure if the grass they would need grit.
My day off and Im avoiding going to the feed store if I dont have to leave the house and wanted to stay in where its warm and comfy.
Nutritionaly it is a good idea. Parasite-wise be carefull. It is a way to introduce cocci which will occur eventually but hopefully gradually so immune systems can keep it in check. Avoid taking soil from locations with heavy chicken traffic and keep sharp eye for cocciodosis developing in the birds. Be prepared for rapid response against condition if occurs.
I know there is no chickens that have been in the backyard as none of my neighboors have chickens.
I didnt think about the cocci. Maybe Ill shake the dirt off and just give them some grass instead?
Since the subject is grass. I saw at petco theyre selling grass containers.
Is the dirt in it edible for chickens or do you think it might be dirt like miracle grow?
Also is catnip good for chickens to eat? They sold that too and I wondered if baby chicks could eat it or not?
I think its an excellent idea. I always get together a pan of sand out of the driveway, and a clump of grass with dirt attached, give it to each new batch of chicks, probably at 2 weeks or so. I would be careful of where the grass w/dirt comes from of course. I always thought it a good way to get their systems in gear for the environment they will be going into.
The grass is about an inch high and hasnt had any animals on it. Its part of the yard that is fenced off about 10 x 18ft. I live in Washington so its rain,rain,rain here and lost of greeeeeen grass. lol....Wet green grass!
I have a sand box for them to bath in so Ill go pick some and shake the dirt off of it and toss that and the sand in another little box so they have something to nibble on and entertain themselfs.
Thankyou peops!
I appreciate the replys. It never ceases to amaze me that whenever I ask a question and get the nerve up to finally post it you all have some great advice!
Its not easy asking questions and I hate being a newbie with this but its very humbling too so its a good learning experience for the adult (myself) and the little chickies(my chicks) when I post to ask!
At 4 weeks old, if you get a nice sunny day that's not too windy, why not take them to the grass (rather than vice versa)? Stay with them to protect them from predators and watch for signs of chilling (huddling together, peeping loudly). Fresh air and sunshine is good for all living creatures. If you had a broody raising them she'd have them outside, I guarantee it.
I have never tried although it will likely have many of same health benefits as grass in soil. Also consider sprouting some sort of seed and feeding those to chicks. Many vitamins are activated by germination process and the plantlets will be more easily processed by young gizzard than intact seeds / grains.
Its not sunny here its pretty chilly outside. Rain and temps to almost freezing. The humingbird feeders water had ice in it this morning when I checked on them. Right now its probably about 40-50degrees. I just have 3 baby chicks. No Momma hens just 3 litte silkie babies and Im not doing broady on them. Id squish them.

So I went out and cut some grass mixed with light moss underneath it. Dandylion weeds too! Is dandylion weeds okay and also catnip?

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