C'mon, pip, pip, pip, pip, pip....


Nov 28, 2015
So, I'm waiting on three eggs to hatch. I know your supposed to put in incubator at same time but i didnt...
The one shown is well past due, a second is delayed, and it looks like the 3rd could arrive on time.
Fyi, i made 3 attempts at making my incubators, the eggs went back and forth between the first two, made from styrofoam, and the other from old small refrigerator. They were still air. The styrofoam did not hold a constant temp real well but the 'frig had varying temps. I think i will keep the fridg for future improvements, like a small fan. ...and ive made a third incubator which i posted here. It has air circulation and perfect consistent and uniform temp...im testing it currently!

Here is my delayed chick, currently in styrofoam incubator, which i made upside down with a trap opening. I can remove an egg without causing a significant change in temp....

Video to be added shortly...

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