cobs in my scratch

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10 Years
Mar 5, 2009
Ok, I have my scratch in a garbage can in the storage area of my coops. Now it seems to have some kind of bug in it, it has cob webs(?) in it, you know like little bits of it all stuck together but not hard, its like loose webs. I can still feed it to the chickens yes? Maybe as quickly as possible. ??
I don't know what bug you have, but my chickens eat all the bugs they want when they free range, I would be more worried that you may have mold spores growing. We have a mold around here (not in the feed) that starts out looking like a small spider web.

If you are sure it is a bug, sprinkle a little Food Grade DE in the feed. It probably has some in it already from the mill.
I will look closer but it looks just like some pepper seeds I had way way to long in the pantry .
The title of your thread sounds dirty

or maybe I've just lived with three teenage sons for too long.

to stay on topic, though - bugs ok, mold bad

The moths are about the size of a grain of rice. (long grain,

eta - yep, must be the teenagers - my youngest (18) came in so I showed him the thread title, he did the "beavis and butthead" laugh....

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Mojo Chick'n I will try to pay closer attention to my titles...
It never crossed my mind, but my son has been out of the house for a few years.
but, back on topic, will chickens really eat moldy stuff? I just have never noticed or worried to much about what they get into as they go everywhere (under the plum tree with bad plums on the ground) and have always been healthy. I guess I would think they would turn their beaks up to moldy scratch.

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