Yes. I was just talking about this with the chicken expert at and she said they can get it from being in their own feces, even if they've never been on the ground.
But depending on how clean you keep their environment, you can avoid it if it's really clean.

She said she's never used medicated feed, has a bunch of her own chickens, and has never had a problem, but keeps terramycin on hand just in case one of them starts looking a little stressed.
Hmmm. I keep it really clean, they are on wire and newspaper and I clean it out every day, but they are bound to eat some of their poo since they can't resist pooping in the water and the food!
I'm probably paranoid, there is just the vaguest hint of an orange hue in someone's poo today, but I have just started giving them yogurt and boiled egg - could it be that does anyone think?

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