Coccidia - Has anyone treated with sulfasol for this?


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Jun 2, 2020
Milltown, Indiana
I recently posted a couple of days ago that I have been treating my 6-8 week old chicks for coccidia. I've been treating them with corid but recently ran across sulfasol. My babies still are not doing well and I am now down to 3 so I am wanting to try something else other than corid to see if it might help...I'm at a loss and open to anything at this point. I was curious to see if anyone has used this and if it's helped. It is a powder that I purchased but I had to order it online so I will be waiting a couple of days before I receive it. What dosage would you recommend I use? Or would you even recommend this at all? TIA!
Welcome to BYC, sorry your chicks aren't doing well. What dose of Corid have you been using and have you tried giving them a oral dose?

Is this the stuff you ordered?
Thank you for this information! I have a 5 quart waterer that I am using. I've been putting 2tsp of corid in the water for them. Do you feel like that amount should be working for them? I've even scrambled one egg or boiled one egg and added corid to it. I chop it up small and mix it all together for them. Some are interested and others are not. That's why I was wanting to try something different if anyone has had experience with anything else other than corid that might work. :)
Sulfasol will treat coccidiosis IF the sick birds drink it, same for corid IF the sick birds drink it.
Stick with the corid first, it's a thiamine blocker. Dont give your birds anything that contains thiamine, it would defeat the effectiveness of the corid treatment.
Sulfa drugs are harsh on the chickens system, use it as a last resort. I havnt used Sulfasol, but have used SMZ-TMP aka Septra/Bactrim to treat coccidiosis and it works. I prefer to dose sick birds orally rather than have a sick bird drink treated water because you dont know if they drink it or drink enough of it to be effective, and sick birds dont drink at all.
You're lucky to find the Sulfasol. It's tough finding a sulfa drug for birds during the current covid situation.

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