coccidiosis AGAIN? Or something else? PLEASE help!


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Jul 29, 2011
I treated my chicks for coccidiosis (thanks to this forum! They had bloody droppings and I lost a chick) and ended treatment (Corid, 2 tsp per gallon first two days, 1 tsp per gallon remaining 5 days) 2 maybe 3 weeks ago. My sick chick I'm trying to nurse back to health (she has awful diarrhea. She's not going much at all but when she goes it's diarrhea, NO form, dark greenish, some white, she can't stand, is emaciated, twisting neck, when I support her she pushes back on her feet) just squirt out another poo and I saw intestine parts again. She has had NO blood in her stool but now this.

Is this only suspect of coccidiosis? I'm trying SO hard to help her. She's gained SO much strength to day. The diarrhea was discouraging enough, now this. Should I start corid again, or could something else be doing this? She's so emaciated and now I'm guessing why.

I don't know if any of the chicks were vaccinated or wormed. I've had them maybe 4 - 5 weeks now. PLEASE help me. I am getting SO discouraged.
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mama dixie

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Aug 11, 2011
oh my gosh dont get discouged they need you to keep trying. Is she eating and drinking enough? I think the green poo is from not eating. is she pulling her neck back or falling backwards? does she shond like she is weezing? we lost alot of hens due to coxi, it was sad then we lost some to worms and some type of a lung and airway infection. we finaly got it on the run but it will always be a battle for us becuse as I understand it once you have coxi on your proity it is there for like 30 years. here is what is helping us. I wash stuff with Dawn dish soap and then soak in bleach watter overnight. I do this like once a week. I clean them inbetween but do the disenfect one time a week. that has helped alot. also keep the soil and area dry dry dry. coxi needs moist soil. as for the respatory thing you need a antibiotic. I am sorry I dont remember the name but I bet some of the peple here will help you, take note of the sound of the breathing and if she is pulling her neck back at an angle that is a bad sign but keep trying and dont give up we pulled two back from a bad spot and now they think they are dogs and follow me around the yard and set in my lap, the rooster chases dogs and people he does not know if they get to close to me.

I am praying for you and them

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