Coccidiosis and Sulfadimethoxine


5 Years
Jul 29, 2014
Pittsburgh, PA
I have a coop with eight Silkie hens who I recently bought from a breeder. They had coccidiosis, so I put them on what the breeder who had previously owned them recommended, Sulfadimethoxine. They were on it for 5 days and then I took them off it (that's what the instructions said to do). I thought I was done treating them,but recently I've noticed they have it again. Should I put them back on the Sulfadimethoxine?
They are lethargic, gaining little weight, and have blood stained loose stool. They are various ages ranging from about 2 months to 6 months. After researching, I found out one of the most dangerous strains attacks chickens of that age. They've been off sulfa for about a week. I was worried about putting them on the sulfa again because they were just on it. The breeder said that corid never worked for her, so I chose the sulfa medication.
I think I may try to deworming them. Considering the cocci medicine wasn't working, I decided to do more research. I think they could possibly have roundworms. They've been on Sulfadimethoxine for two days. Is it safe to give them wazine?

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