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    im plannign for the future and want list...
    and one of my plans is a "colorful pet flock", mostly EE's as i love them:) it wont be huge, mplanning on putting the girls under an EE roo, but would like to add a hen or 2 with a good chance of becomming broody
    i know that breed doesnt = broodiness 100% of the time but also know some breeds are more likley than others to go broody.

    right now we have a brahma in my parents flock, shes a BIG girl that lays big eggs but this is her first real laying year (got them last spring) and she hasnt gone broody...but she is a beautiful bird and very large (and quite imposing) we call her phylis...phylis fluffy feet...

    so i was wondering is this common with brahma and if cochin hens would be a better choice for potential broodyness?

    i know, it seems like such an odd request to WANT a broody hen lol) but im hoping to hatch at least a few clutches a year from my "colorful pet flock" and would rather not be dependant 100% on incubators.
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    Quote:my stanard hen go broody and make good moms

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