Cochin X chicks are taking over my house!AHH!! P/U or Ship :)


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Apr 9, 2009
New Tripoli PA
Hi have a bunch of 2-4 week old bantam cochin x standard blue marans chicks that need to move on to new homes. I will ship them or you are welcome to pick them up
Long story short, I was trying to figure out why nothing would hatch for me, then all of a sudden I had chicks popping out of every egg in the incubator... oops! At least I figured out what the problem was :rolleyes These chicks are straight run, and as far as I can tell, they are all either blue or black. Once they get their feathering in, they may very well change considering my cochin girls are all millie/columbian X's, and my marans is blue. They have nice foot feathering (from the cochins and also my marans has some foot feathering), and they are all very active and healthy. These little peeps hatched in record time, and have had no issues. Their size is TBD, since all moms = bantam and Dad = standard. I have posted pics of mom and Dad below. All my cochins look pretty much the same. Any questions please feel free to ask!


1 of the cochin hens:

Pics of the chicks. I have at least 6 that will be shipped out. The chicks will all be either black or blue (the group shots show other chicks mixed in).


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