Cochins or D'uccles?

Which is more "naturally tame"?

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5 Years
May 6, 2014
I'm looking for an extremely friendly breed. I mean, I want a breed that doesn't take hardly any effort or time to get birds that actually want to be touched and petted, etc.
I've had this experience twice before- once with an old english game bantam, and once with a barred rock.

Now, in my research I found a lot of people proclaiming cochin bantams as "the tamest", but I am now starting to see the same types of claims made for the d'uccle.

If you have experience with both, which would be your pick?
I've had personal experience with Cochin bantams, and have seen many D'uccles, though I've never owned D'uccles. Both breeds do tend to be friendly. However, I particularly enjoyed my Cochin bantams. They were very even-tempered, easy to handle, and not skittish. They also made adorable cooing noises and enjoyed being around people.

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