Jun 14, 2016
This is my 18 week? Jersey giant. The eggs I've been getting are fertile ( bullseye is very prominent) and I think he is my rooster. I don't own any roosters whatsoever. But I think that he is. Hes got the cock stance and a hen squatted for him! He also bosses them around.
I don't think that is your rooster, it looks like a pullet. Also, that bird has another month or two before it matures. Is there another bird that could be a rooster?

Also, seeing a dot inside the egg is normal... every egg will contain a blastodisk. Just in case, here is some help to help spot fertile from infertile eggs
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It match's up %100 with fertile. I cracked one that had been outside in the sun and it had some veins.
Here's another suspect cockerel
Light Brahma.
How long did that egg sit in the sun? A few hours? Or a few days? It takes at least 72 hours of being kept at a near constant 100* for veining to be visible.
Most likely it was just a blood or meat spot in the egg.
At least 3 days, probably more. I didn't expect them to start laying so I wasn't checking the boxes. It was a little dark spot with veins.

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