Aug 22, 2016
A couple of days ago I posted pics of 6 chicks asking or help in sexting them. The pics weren't very good, so I started over and got better pictures of the 6. They are 11 & 12 weeks old. There were 2 Lavender Americaunas which were the younger, and 4 Lavender Orpingtons. They were all supposed to be girls. Now, I have one crowing, and not sure about the others. Please help me sext these so I can return the cockerels to the person I bought them from. I want to keep the females. Any help would be appreciated. Each of these pictures are of each bird. The picture of the tail feathers is a close up of the last bird I took. They look like female feathers to me, but not sure. Pic # 0916 is the tail feathers of Pic # 0915.


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I'm no expert but I am fairly certain that image number 906 and 914 are roos. You can definitely see a much more developed comb and wattle on those two, and that is usually a pretty good indicator. Especially if they are all the same age. Also, why do some have pink feet and others have black? Are they mixes or just random genetics? I am super unfamiliar but very curious :idunno
#5 is a cockerel, and #1 might be one. Also, none of the chickens pictured are ameraucanas.
When I purchased these I was told 4 were orpingtons and 2 americaunas. How can you tell they aren't and does that make them all orpingtons? They did look different when I purchased them at 1 and 2 weeks. The 4 orpingtons were lavender and white while the americaunas were solid. Now I can't tell them apart at all.

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