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I put my 12 eggs in the hatching incubator on Friday. I wasn't sure about the eggs, never did get a good candling on them (marans) and the last one I did as I put them in the hatcher I really only saw motion in 2 of them. Saturday morning when I got up, the automatic breaker had thrown and the eggs were all cold cold! So much for that hatch! But I turned it back on, hubby asked last night why I still had it running, I said just in case. This morning I've got two pips!
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Yay! That's wonderful. I've never used an incubator, in fact I just had my very first broody hatch out eggs on her own. But I can tell you I gave up hope she was actually going to pull it off. We had weather in the 20s several days, and she kept letting the other hens chase her off her nest and she would crawl into another nest and start setting on the wrong eggs! I found her eggs cold SEVERAL times and would put her back on top of them anyway. I didn't think they had a prayer, but they all hatched just fine. I was shocked - but apparently the eggs getting cold don't always cause the damage I was afraid it would.

Best of luck! Let us know when the little peeps pop out!

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Ten beautiful chicks! There are five unpipped eggs in the incubator, but the last 4 just hatched last night, so I will give them a little more time.
am I reading something wrong? you put 12 eggs in, have 10 chicks,
and 5 left to go.. = 15

are you related to Jesus??
duh, so I can't count. Actually, it was 15 eggs in and 10 chicks out. The other five finally went flying after day 24.

Today I have more hatching from another batch, two banties and some more marans. So far I have at least 4 marans out with the two banties pipped. These will be my last marans out because I sold my hens with my laying flock.

But, my new flock of buckeyes is doing well (one week old) and thirteen eggs (if I can count) from BuckeyeDave went in the hatcher today. One was stuck in the egg turner rack and I couldn't get it out. Still candled good, so I pulled the rack out of the turner and stuck the whole thing in the hatcher.

I have some more mixed banties and a couple of silkies due to hatch on the 28th and just put in 14 (yes, fourteen) buff orpingtons today. I'm not sure how that's going to go, it took the usps 5 days to get them here. Now I just have to find someone who needs chickens so I can keep on hatching!.

Oh yeah, and my turkey started laying and I'm saving up some of those to hatch, She is a bourbon red in with a bourbon red tom and a royal palm tom. And I have 15 BR and RP poults coming the end of the month. SOMEONE SAVE ME!!!!!
I got four more marans and two silkies out of the hatch, but the marans were out first and picking on the smaller silkies, so I separated the silkies into their own little brooder. As I related in another thread, my grandson squished the poor baby silkies, so there are now locks on the doors.

Everybody else is doing well. My Buckeye chicks from BuckeyeDave are growing fast, with their wings feathering out nicely. I figure them to be about the same age as my first marans, but are way ahead in the feathering.

My BUCKEYE eggs from BuckeyeDave are pipping as I write, I can`t wait to see how they do, but I guess I Have to.

By the way, here`s a pic of my hatcher. Its a 50 yr old sears incubator with only one small window!
Drives me crazy! but it maintains temperature and humidity quite well. I Would swap hatching duties with the hova bator, but the turner won`t quite fit the olg gal.


I guess I forgot to mention that I am also waiting on the email for the March egg swap.

I got my frizzle Cochin hen put in with the little Cochin rooster. She used to be in with the silkie Rooster, but her eggs have now been showing unfertilized, so I`ll soon be trying to hatch some frizzled cochins. If I understand things right, I should get about 1/2 frizzles, and 1/2 regular cochin (bantam).

I now have everybody sorted out and will have purebred everything by next month. A little late, I know, but for my hatching pleasure it will be ok because it will decrease the in-house time, which will please dear hubby immensely.
There is no help for you here....

Everyone on this thread is commiting similar purchasing and hatching atrocities. Buying eggs for more breeds than they intended, buying chicks when they have some now and MORE on the way, putting more of their own in the bator when every room and every cage is full or spoken for.

Saying of each new chick or poult - oh well it doesn't eat much....

And looking at the coops they have wondering where the wood for the next two are coming from...

You're just doomed. So are we. Nice way to go though.

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