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Jan 10, 2018
Is this normal? I just got back from Amish country with the cornish rock chickens they processed for me. In getting the whole chickens ready to freeze, I noticed that the breast meat is white in color, and very firm to the touch unlike soft raw store-bought chicken breast, almost as if that portion has been "cooked." The skin over the breast of all the chickens were removed, which was unexpected, but it allowed a good view of the underlying meat. Is this white color normal after processing? The chickens I've bought from the supermarket have always been pink in color. Does this correlate to the temperature of the scalding water they used? Is my chicken still good to eat?

Pics below.
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Also, is it normal for processed birds to have so much extra dirt like stuff still on them, and under the skin and kinda everywhere? Do I just rinse it off and it's ok?
It does appear that the breast meat could be slightly scalded. How odd that they cut the skin that far back, wonder why they do that?
While they can sometimes get a little dirty during processing,they should have washed that off. I can't believe they gave them back to you like that. Just give them a good scrub, they should be fine to eat. You might want to look for another place to process your chickens though.
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