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    EEs are entertaining. How are your laying? We are getting (from 4 of them) an egg every other day. That comes out to 2 EE eggs per day. The fifth one still isn't laying.
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    I observed some interesting behavior from our Rooster yeaterday. He chased the non-laying Dom pullet away from a pile of scratch I had just set out; twice. Just her, none of the others. Maybe its because , as she isn't laying yet, she won't let him mount her. IDK. Interesting though.
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    Jun 26, 2010
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    My EEs stopped for a molt. They are looking better again but haven't started laying. Last year they stopped laying in mid/late November, so I am wondering if their earlier molt didn't trigger their winter halt. Last year they molted much earlier in the year and started up again about a month after they stopped laying. It's ironic though; they all started laying their first eggs in January.
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    Jul 5, 2011

    Chicken math will strike... I can't imagine a flock without marans for the chocolate colored eggs and ee's for the green eggs... production hens for the tons of eggs they give, silkies for their beauty and now dominiques for their calmness/sweetness. I'd go with shy's silkies, who is local, as they are some of the most beautiful birds. Wendell for dominiques. I only have mutts after this last batch. Pichuris has RIRs. Figure out what you want and just let us know. I'd still rather get them locally if I know the people. The only downside of getting local fowl is having the faith in the people to insure they are healthy. That's when knowing the people help alot.

    I agree with Ash. I also enjoyed picking up the chicks locally. I liked knowing where I was getting them, seeing the parents, etc. More than that, I liked knowing that the parents survived long enough to reproduce at our elevation with its unique weather. I've personally had a very, very hard time with hatchery polish chickens up here. I've tried 2 different hatcheries and of the 10 I ordered (5 from each place), I only have 2 make it to adulthood. This year, I have marans from both a local lady and a hatchery and the chickens locally are bigger, calmer and seem just seem different.

    Was there a huge taste difference?

    How can you tell its a boy? He looks very close to my EE gals.
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    JGurshtein, I got most of my initial birds from Elizabeth Country Corner and Kiowa Country Corner.......later a few from Wendell. These stores are an hour from where I live, and probably also about an hour from where you live also. In about January, they will post a list of what breeds they are getting in, and what dates they will arrive. I got my first 3/2, and I think they had some come in as early as Feb. These two stores are only about 6 miles from each other, so I ended up ordering from both stores in order to get all the breeds I wanted.

    These stores get their birds from Cackle Hatchery. If you have no problem with hatchery birds, they are a good alternative. They (the stores, not the hatchery) allow you to call in and order any number of birds you want, even just one, of as many breeds as you want. Of course different breeds come in on different dates, so it may take more than one trip to get all the breeds you want.

    I found that if what you want is egg production, hatchery birds are perfectly acceptable. If what I wanted was to breed, I would not start with hatchery birds. Luckily, I only wanted eggs.

    First and most important: BUILD YOUR COOP BEFORE YOU GET YOUR BIRDS. You can then brood in the coop, rather than in your house or garage.

    Good Luck.
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    Ok, so after a short delay I have my coop set up and am now the proud keeper of an elderly (but still laying!) RIR and a young Leghorn! I'll post pictures shortly. Really enjoying it and I think my wife is a bit surprised at how much she is too. My 11 month old daughter is fascinated by the birds and my little dog is learnign to leave them alone. Just need to find a 3rd chicken to complete the backyard flock. Seems hard to find grown birds this time of year and I do not want to raise a chick...
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    Are you still getting eggs from your EE's then? Mine quit....just up and stopped....about 4 weeks ago. Not one blue or green egg since. My leghorns, Red Stars, and SLW's are all still laying. The red stars a little less they are nearing molt age, the slw's not too much they just started a couple weeks ago. The EE's were hatched in March, started laying in early July, and then the beginning of October they just quit. Any ideas?
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    ^^^ My EE hatched in mid-April and I still haven't gotten a single egg from her. She also looks exactly like Mommato's rooster in that picture up above, except she doesn't have the pointy saddle feathers.

    Yaaay! Congratulations! :cd

    Honestly you wouldn't want to raise a single chick anyway. It would take months for it to be big enough to live outside with the big girls, and since they are social creatures it would be a very lonely childhood. It's much better to get 2, or even 3 just in case one passes before adulthood. BTW this is how chicken math starts, right from the beginning!

    You might be able to find some adult hens or older pullets on craigslist still. If my barred rock keeps being a pain and pecking the other girls I may put her up for grabs. Hate to do it since she lays the most and biggest eggs, but she's just such a little twerp to her sisters.
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    I have three dark blue Silkie chicks (13 weeks). I THINK I have two girls and one boy but it is soooo hard to tell. I was looking at possibly listing two of them, $6 each(basically enough to cover food and egg purchase price). I was only looking at keeping one girl. Let me know if you are interested.
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    Jun 11, 2012
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    What age do you know for sure the sex of your Silkies?

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