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    I have 64 chickens and 2 ducks. I wasn't planning on housing them in the same coop because originally I had a drake. But, as I don't have him anymore, I was wondering if I could merge to two flocks into one coop. They already free range together and with my current setup they can see each other from their different coops. I am planning on moving the waterer out to the run is I can manage the water situation.
    Does it sound possible to move them in together? Ducks are 17 weeks, chickens are 1-4 years. Coops is 400 square feet.
    I do have some chicks currently separate from the big girls, so they will need to move in. Not for another 8 weeks are so, though. (So really, the ducks will only be moving in with 46 new flockmates.)
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    Yes, that is fine. My ducks and chickens are together. I even have three turkey poults in there right now. Yes, the poults are a bad idea.
    The ducks will be fine with the chickens if there is no bowl of water inside.
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