combs that turn blue in parts sometimes


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This is not urgent, but I have been curious. I notice that sometimes my chickens combs will turn bluish purple on only parts. Sometimes just the back, sometimes just the tips of the points. Sometimes cold days, sometimes warm. Sometimes an older bird, sometimes young (who've never been through a winter--I was thinking frostbite). They're fine, though. I notice sometimes in pictures of showbirds or even pictures in a magazine they'll have this. Anyone know what causes it? Just curious. Laureen
I don't know the cause of it, but some of our birds have this too. Especially our rooster, who has had frostbite, but maybe that's just because it's easier to see on his comb.
I have a WLH rooster that has a GIANT comb that is bluish on the tips-curious to see what those in the know say about this.
So far, I've found that the when the comb turns blue-ish in parts that something isn't quite right.

The problems I've addressed as causes for this in my flocks are:

Not eating or drinking enough
Cold (beginning of frostbite)
Baths (which I think falls under the Stress)
Our rooster's comb turned blue just before he died.....when this happened, to us, for no apparent reason, I did a thorough inspection of all the birds a found a major lice infestation.
I was devastated to think that I could have prevented his death....but honestly I thought that because we keep our coops very clean, they wouldn't get lice/mites.........what I have learned since then......
Small blue portions are normal, large portions are cause for alarm. The comb is an extremity, like your fingers, and when it's cold outside oftentimes the blood cools before it reaches the tips. Older birds get it too, probably just something that comes with age.
i have a barred rocks roo that this happens to at the back of his comb sometimes then goes away, he doesnt have mites or lice ive been wondering about it to ill be following this thread to see what answers you get
This has happened to a couple of my hens when their combs flop over funny. It will turn blue in small parts, like the circulation is cut off, and it will be cold even if it's the summer.

But my girls are perfectly healthy and hydrated! I think it's just a fluke because I've noticed now that my BO's funky comb has grown even larger it doesn't flop quite the same, and it doesn't turn blue in the back anymore.
If you notice, this is my 6 month old roo who's comb has turned purple in the back.. This happened when I had my 3 week olds out in their small run (right next to the big pen where he is) and he was mad because he couldn't get to them.. He kept yelling at them.. After a little while, he got used to them and settled down and his comb went back to normal...



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