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Feb 21, 2009
Columbia river gorge
I think this guy was sapose to be an OEGB does he looking like one ? He is starting to grow feathers on his leggs and feet but only on one side its like a line of feathers on one side and no where else on both feet. Can you also tell if its a boy or girl yet? Please and thank you . His comb is small and light colored no pink or red , he is about 3 weeks old now I think


My son really likes him though he isnt as easy to hold anymore he likes to flitter around and not hang out as much as he use to.
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He Is pretty big , but he came from a banty egg as far as I can tell , a largish banty egg but not as big as a normal sized egg I dont think. If I remmber right it was a white or very light tan egg, only one to hatch out of all the eggs I got . The person that sent them I thought had sent OEGB but maybe Im remmbering incorrectly , he seems kinda big for 3 weeks I wonder if I have his age wrong , I dont think I do he hatched around the same time as my buttons and thre almost 3 weeks old . My BR , and EE and others wernt this big at this age only ones this big at this age that I remmber where my RIR and he isnt a RIR ...
Hello, I sent you the eggs. I sent you OEGB and Bantam cochin X. After I offered the eggs, 2 of my son's game hens went broody, so we only had 1 laying. I don't have a pic of his momma and I recently got rid of her. She was black and looked kinda gamey type. She was a little larger than a bantam but no where near the size of any standard chicken. The daddy is a Partridge Bantam Cochin.

Here's the Daddy. He has won Grand Champion at our county 4 H fair 3 years running.
Sorry, I just had to comment, I had no idea the wildly colored china roosters in the gift stores were based on reality. I thought some artists somewhere were on something. . . . .
Well, at least the breed mystery is solved. It's hard to see the comb on your chick but to me it's not real obvious (from the angle) so I am going to say pullet. Do you have a better pic of the head?
Thank you lucky , I adore this one , he/she is adorable but so big and stuff I was worried about what I was in store for as this was gonna be an apartment chicken for my son , who is in the picture , thanks again for the eggs my son loves this chick I so hope she is a girl. So far her/his comb is tiny the smallest I have seen on any of my chicks, at first I didnt think the chick had one but now it looks sorta like one a RIR or BR would have the single type if you know what I mean but its still pretty small.
I will try to take a pic of it but cant promise couperation from the chick who likes to flitter about and my son who goes spastic when I mess with HIS chick.
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