Coming along and newbies


11 Years
Dec 31, 2008
Pueblo Area
Here's some quick fun picks of the flock as they grow up and explore the world around them. Obviously Red's the Roo. And in the baby pics I know the one on the right is a roo. They are 4 weeks old...the others are 9 weeks old. The little one tried to eyeball the red today when they had some neutral ground outdoor time. I don't think a chick could stand anymore on his tippy toes to try it beak to beak. Obviously he lost and got himself one goot peck from Roo. Detirmined little bugger though. Had to separate him from everyone else. After about 3 minutes of meet and greet, the little ones headed back into their crate. Then the rest of them gathered around to have a looky loo.


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