Complete noob needing pigeon help!


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May 29, 2010
Dunnville, Ky.
Well, the kids done it again!! We went to a sale last night and they talked me in to bidding on 2 pigeons! I'm pretty sure they are fantails but other than that I have no clue!

I would like to build a small loft for them with an outdoor run to keep them happy! I would like to get some input on what to build! I have no plans on letting them out to fly, and would like to have a design that would let the kids feed and water them without the worry of letting them loose!

I would also like to get some more information on what kind of pigeons (might just be the basic fantails.. ) they are. They are solid white, feather legged, and have a nice looking "fan" type tail.


Leg feathering..



Thanks for your time and all comments and opinions are welcome!
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Jan 15, 2010
The Birds You Have Pics Of Are Indian Fantail X Fantail Crosses If They Were Indian Fantails They Would Have A Peak Crest And Be Little Bigger American Fantails Have No Feathers On There Feet And Would Lean Back These Birds Are Nice To Look At A Cage 3 Feet By 3 Feet 18 Inches Tall Would Be Good A Tip About Fantails When They Fly Alot Dureing The Moult They Will Catch The Tail With There Flight Feather And As The New Tail Grows In It Will Be Loped Sided Because The Flights Will Pull It To The Side Hard For Me To Explain But Have Raised And Shown Fantails Scince A Kid

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