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    Quote:Thank you all for your concern. Dad (Monroe Fuchs) did not pass away but he did have serious health issues this summer and was very near death at one point. He is not able to work like he used to but we are thankful to still have him with us.

    We have just gotten a new phone system and are still working out the kinks. If you ever are not able to reach someone by just entering the '2' for retail, here are some of the retail specialist direct extensions. You may also contact us at [email protected]

    Missy - 5410
    Regina - 5407
    Kibbie - 5409
    Julie - 5411 - new employee

    The following employees also ship chickens so they are only in the office to answer the phone on Thursday and Friday

    Shannon - 5408
    Naomi - 5413
    Ashley - 5416 - currently on maternity leave
    Kim - 5414 - new employee
    Sue - 5419 - new employee

    Ross is their supervisor and has a poultry science degree from Texas A & M. He is here to help solve problems and answer your poultry health questions.

    Ideal Poultry has been in business since 1937 and are grateful for our customers. We are very fortunate that in this economy we just spent 4 months expanding our offices and hiring several new employees. Please just bear with us while we learn to work the new phone system.

    Currently we are not working with a full staff. We allow our employees a lot of time off during the fall and the holidays because most of us work seven day weeks beginning in mid February.

    Beginning February 12th we will be open on Saturday from 8 - 12 central time and Monday - Friday 7:30 - 5:00 central time. Sundays in the spring we do respond to emergency e-mails and ship chickens.

    Please let us know if there is anyway can be of service to you. We will begin booking 2011 orders on January 17, 2011

    Teri Fuchs Adcox
    Vice President
    3rd Generation family memeber

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    Glad your dad is still with us. Good for you for honoring your employees. That gave me a LOT more respect for you guys.

    BTW, I'm so happy with my Dorking and Le Fleche orders. Great work there!

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    Glad to hear that things are okay with Ideal, as well! I'm a loyal Ideal customer and will be back soon.

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    Glad dad still around!!
    Cant wait for spring, will be my first time ordering from you guys, cant wait!
  5. Your title scared me, I thought something was wrong and this was a topic to discuss said problem.. or to be honest I was figuring it'd be a rant against Ideal for some reason... So glad to see I was wrong there and to hear things are brighter that this summer.
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    Glad that everything is going well at Ideal!! I have been buying from yall for years, and I will again this spring. Wishing everybody at Ideal a great Christmas Holiday and a happy new year![​IMG]
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    Wow, after reading that, I will order from y'all next time.

    You take care of your staff and your customers. Impressive.

    I am glad your Dad is with you for the Holidays.

    Here's wishing you and yours a healthy, happy holiday season!

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    Great news. I got some black sex links from a feed store that came from your hatchery and they were the very best egg layers I ever had.
  9. Mrs MIA

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    Mar 3, 2008
    Whew! Worried there for a bit! [​IMG] Happy Holidays to you all! [​IMG]
  10. Glad your father is okay. [​IMG]

    i have ordered from Ideal in the past and was very happy with the excellent customer service, speed of delivery, and the silkies that arrived. i would recommend your hatchery to anyone.

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