Confused about Sex.... No not that you silly!!! SEEESH!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by CoyoteMagic, Apr 22, 2007.

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    My little ones are 6weeks old (or so I have been led to believe by the guy at the flea market) I've got a couple that are fully feathered and a few others that are way behind them.

    Question is how do I tell what sex they are without taking them in for a full "gyno" work up?! I have heard that the tails on the roos develop faster, then I hear it the other way. I hear the roos develop pinkish combs early. Then I hear you can't tell by the combs for several months.

    How do I know that Thema and Louise aren't really Theo and Louis?! Or that Big Bertha isn't really Big Bubba?!

    They are doing fine, although they are still sneezing off and on. I've moved them out to the run (an old dog kennel) and the coop I made using a dog house (read about it in Mother Earth News). I plan on building a "real" coup this summer when I have more time. I'll use this coop as part of a tractor later on. I'd post pics of my babies and the coup but I've not figure out how to do that on here yet.

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    Roosters are definitely bobtailed longer than the girls, I promise you it isn't the other way around. I have a 2 twelve week old cockerels that still don't have real tails, a Barred Rock and a Blue Orpington. I knew at four weeks that they were cockerels but the pinky combs and wattles. It should become apparent very soon, unless you have Silkies!
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    Thanks, that helps lots! It appears that Big Bertha and Thelma are who I think they are. But Louise has proved that he is a Louis today by attempting to crow! [​IMG] Oh my neighbors are just going to love this (NOT!!) The others I'm going to have to keep working on. Chicken Little (yeah, I know, real original) Is the most fearless of them all and the smallest. Was the first one to take on a caterpillar today. [​IMG]

    My little ones are suppose to be Barred Rocks, though Big Bertha is looking more like a cross.

    Where in N. GA mts? Hubby and I go kayaking and camping on the N.GA, SC, and NC border near Lake Kiwawi/Toxaway(sp?) State Park.
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