Confused Buff Gander


11 Years
Oct 14, 2008
Central Indiana
My geese aren't quite a year old yet. My pilgrim girl just started laying. 5 so far. I've not seen any mating activities from either set.

However, my buff male has been very attentive to me lately. Did not realize WHY till this morning. The silly boy has been courting me!! Is this somewhat common? Will he grow out of this?

My Buff gander will be two this Spring and he's still trying to court me this breeding season. I keep telling him I'm not his girlfriend, but that hasn't stopped him trying to impress me so far.

I've read that ganders don't settle down with one mate till their third or fourth year. They like to "play the field" so to speak. Anyway, I prefer dealing with an amorous gander than an aggressive one.

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