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Aug 23, 2018
So, I have been lurking around here awhile and finally decided to make my first post. I am having an issue with my wonderful little chickens not eating fodder, like, not at ALL. I am new to the fodder game and I decided that it would be such a simple thing to do for them and me. I am using wheat since I am unable to get barley and I have recently (2 days ago) started some oats. When I put the fodder out they just walk over to it and walk away. I tried giving some to my horse and it did the same thing.

I have an unused shower in my mudroom so I converted that into my fodder station. Here is what I do, any advice on what I may be doing wrong would be great.

I have plastic shelving that fits perfectly in the shower. It didn't have holes, so I made drainage holes in it so the water flows thru. I rinse the wheat and soak it for 24 hours in well water (thats all we have), drain, rinse and place in slotted trays and place in the shower. I have an automatic water that waters it 2 times a day. I love it in the shower because it does all the work for me. When the wheat got to about 3-4 inches tall, maybe taller, I tried to feed it. At first I was placing the seed depth about an inch, since then I have not added as much.

I have noticed that there is a funny smell from it that I just can't place. I haven't noticed any mold at all, but it was very damp. Almost like it wasn't draining well enough because the roots were really, really thick.

Any ideas would be appreciated!
Is there any slime around the roots and shoots? If the sprouts don't drain all the water off thoroughly, slime is the result, and it will have a swampy (rotting vegetation) odor. Animals won't find it appealing.
I wonder if you are growing it too long and it is actually developing a mold or the enzymes in root area are not rinsing out completely and the animals are picking that up.
Try feeding it sooner - my chickens go nuts for alfalfa sprouts and sprouted wheat. I feed when when the seeds have about 1" of root. I also feed un-popped popcorn that has been sprouted to about 1 inch roots-no green showing. I have lost a couple of batches to stinkiness that developed when I didn't rinse often enough.
If they like the younger stuff, then you either need a better rinsing system or just grow it for less time.
Agreed with above , slime is a good indicator of it going bad.

I just let my latest lentil sprout go a few days too long and the slime and smell was like wet sport socks :(

Good luck
I haven't noticed any slime, just being wet. I dumped out all I had growing and started over 2 days ago. I ended up raising the containers up so they will drain better and cut the grain by not quite half. Does it have a smell at all when everything is "correct"?
Another question. In everyones opinion which is better for them fermented or fodder? I have to keep mine in a run due to the massive amount of coyotes that roam around.
I don't know if you can say one is better than the other - they are different.
Which is healthier, an orange or a bowl of oatmeal? too different to really compare.

You can do both - fermented feed with fodder for snacks.
Odors are subjective. What is objectionable to one may be heavenly to another. The bottom line on whether something is suitable to feed to chickens is would you happily eat it yourself? If it's not at all appealing to you to eat, your chickens probably aren't going to be thrilled with it either.

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