Congested Broilers - sick????

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    Aug 15, 2011
    I have 2 week old broilers for kids 4-H project who sound as if they have a stuffy nose. I dont see any sign of mucous drainage though. They are in my garage under heat lamp, separated from my free-ranging laying chickens. They have not been outside. Noticed this symptom yesterday. Seem to eat and drink well enough. Not very energetic as they just lay around most of the time. But i am told this is normal for the breed (first time to raise). What could be the problem and what can i do for them?
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    Quote:I've never had broilers (cornish-x.) The stuffy nose could be feed dust getting in their nostrils causing them to sound like they have a stuffy nose. Perhaps there are other environmental factors as well; ammonia fumes from bedding, dirt/dust, pollen, smoke etc...
    I would eliminate environmental problems first if that's what the cause(s) are before using any antibiotics.
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    Another possibility is aspergillosis (brooder pneumonia), or a similar fungal infection of the lungs. If you can get Oxine, I'd fog them with Oxine solution which will kill any bacteria, fungus or virus. This heat/humidity combination with all the water we use to keep them cooled down plus any straw that gets wet and starts to break down can combine to start a fungal infection that makes them sneeze, gurgle and just sound like they have pneumonia without any discharges or other symptoms. Antibiotics won't help that, but Oxine will. Revival Animal Health sells it and you can also get it through (who drop ships through that company).

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