6 Years
Aug 27, 2013
I have a 4 month old hen that has slightly swollen eye and a little bubbly. It's still open and not goopy but getting worse. I tried neosporin and it's not helping. I have Tylan 50 injectable or corid. Will either if these help?
Corid is for coccidiosis only. The Tylan 50 would be what I would use since it may be the start of a respiratory disease. If she is large fowl you can dose her 1 ml daily for 5 days either by mouth or for 3 days as a shot into the breast muscle (alternate sides each day.)
Is there a better option, besides the three treatments that I have on hand?
I have amoxicillin in human dose/tablets or antibiotic nasal spray

According to Plumb's Veterinary Drug Handbook, the amoxicillin dose for birds is 125mg/kg twice a day. Not sure which one would be better, Tylan or Amoxicillin...

Just thinking out-loud here, but I did see somewhere that Tylan can be mixed with saline and squirted into the eye and a few people in the peafowl group have injected Tylan into the sinus cavity, so you might want to research those options as well.


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