Consensus: Too Young To Tell (What breeds are these?)


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May 28, 2017
Updated to say thanks everyone, as a newbie I didn't realize two weeks was too young to really even guess (and I didn't realize you can't delete a thread). I will post again later.

I accepted a straight run of 4 chicks from a science class, but I have no idea what breeds/mixes they might be. They will be two weeks old on 5/30/17 and are doing great so far. Pics were taken on their first day of having 5 minutes of outdoor exploration time. There are two black chicks (one with more white on the face and wings than the other), one reddish chick, and one blue chick. Appreciate any guesses, not taking it seriously, we are just so curious. 20170528_120648 (2).jpg


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I think the are too young to start guessing the breed.
Someone else may come along with a few guesses for you though.

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Chances are they are mixes if you got them from a school project. If you post pictures as they grow we maybe able to identify what they are mixed with. The blue one maybe a EE (which is a mix with the blue egg gene).

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